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Social Media Services

We also offer social media services under our belt of SEO tools. As we have mentioned throughout the site, social media is a key tool for driving online visibility, brand awareness, and even Google ranking. In fact, thousands of social media users with millions of daily interactions and engagements can make social media a key pillar of any business.

And at Team Soda, through our social media package, we strive to help your business achieve just that. We understand social media trends well and we are always at the forefront of exploring any new avenues that can push your SEO agenda. And that includes both Local SEO and National SEO.

Our social media package Includes:

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Social media pages development

Just like we may do with your website, we can also develop your social media pages from scratch. There are lots of social medial platforms out there and we’ll help you figure out which ones are best suited for your business. We’ll then create new accounts and fill them with well-structured relevant information. If you already have existing social media accounts, we’ll simply give them a makeover.

Social media management

Social media pages need to stay active. If this doesn’t happen then your audience will get bored and probably opt out. When you work with us, we take on the role of managing your social media pages. We’ll put our best people on it and keep your followers well engaged. Through this platform you can keep the masses updated about new products, new services, new branches, new offers, etc.

Social media content creation

We’ll also create content for your social media pages regularly. The content here will include written posts, videos, animations, seasonal greetings, press releases, pictures (e.g. catalogues), etc. This content is not only designed to inform, but also to entertain, to encourage sharing, and to increase traffic to your website. As you can imagine, if thousands of people on your social media pages shared content, it would end up reaching millions.

Social media marketing

And at the heart of all our social media services is social media marketing. Once we have gained you a massive following on various social media platforms, we take advantage of that resource to market your business to the thousands of followers and the millions of users within their circles. By simply talking about your products, services, offers or quality service, we can lure hordes of new customers to your brand. We can also share adverts through your social media platforms and reach thousands of users without paying a single coin. The ROI here is huge!

Social media paid advertising

We can also carry out paid advertising across various social media platforms. Unlike web-based advertising, social media advertising is more targeted. We get to focus your ads around the target market you want. This could be people in a particular state only, a certain gender, people of certain ages, people with certain likes or hobbies, etc. This increases your sales and improves your ROI even further.

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