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4 Reasons Why Unresponsive Website Might Be Costing You Millions

4 Reasons Why Unresponsive Website Might Be Costing You Millions

The responsiveness of any website plays a significant role as far as the success of any marketing mix is concerned. Having a responsive website is beneficial in aspects such as Pay per Click (PPC), user experience, and Search Engine Optimization among others. Perhaps, you have heard some marketers praise the importance of responsive websites, but you did not care to ask how having an unresponsive website could affect your business in the end. The responsiveness of your website can break or make your business. While responsive websites are important in attracting the right traffic, creating leads, and improving ROI, unresponsive website can cost you millions.

Here are 4 reasons why you should avoid unresponsive websites:

  1. It cannot be accessed over mobile devices

If you have an unresponsive website, the chances are high that the website is not mobile-friendly. Such websites make it hard for users to navigate them surfing the internet over mobile devices. In addition, they are not ranked well by Google or any other search engine, which might lead to a penalty. Such penalization interferes with any lead that the website might have.

  1. User experience

An unresponsive site makes it hard for clients to know more about your services. They cannot easily navigate and access the information they want about your business. If clients find it challenging to navigate your website, do you think they will buy your services? Excellent user experience makes it easy for clients to interact with you and your brand. If your site is not user-friendly, it will have a high bounce rate implying low conversions.

  1. Poor brand representation

With the increase in the number of online users, everyone nowadays trusts businesses that they can find online. Having a poor domain or unresponsive website has adverse impacts on your brand. Such a website can cost you valuable clients since they will view your business as non-innovative, unprofessional and not unique. If it gets to such a case, it will be hard to rebuild the required trust implying that you will be losing much on your investment, customers and potential sales.

  1. Lower conversion rate

 The main objective for every website owner is to convert leads to clients. If your website is unresponsive, it will be hard to convert leads, and this will cost you millions in terms of investment for your business. Getting clients to respond to any call-to-action if the website is unresponsive will be difficult. With professional web design, it is easy to attract and convert a high number of leads.

Clients will always be attracted to a professionally designed website. Your business is not about you, but your clients. If they find it difficult to interact with your services through your unresponsive site, they will look for another alternative. That means losing potential customers and hence, a low ROI. After all, you are not the only one offering the same services. Make sure that your website is responsive and attractive to your clients. Optimize your site and see clients coming your way to seek your services. Ensure that you engage professionals in website design and development to create a responsive website for you.


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