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5 Ways SEO Experts Can Drive Your Business Sales Up Via Social Media

5 Ways SEO Experts Can Drive Your Business Sales Up Via Social Media

With digital marketing taking the business world by storm, you would be doing your business a great disservice by ignoring its place. At the mention of the term ‘digital marketing’ does your mind flash to social media? If so, you are on the right track. What about SEO, what thoughts does it conjure? Are you thinking website, page ranking and concepts like that? Congratulations, we are about to discuss ways through which SEO pros can use social media to boost your sales volumes.

As an entrepreneur, the only thing that makes sense to you is the figures that show in your books at the end of the month. Of course, you are into brand promotion as this is the only way to reach target audiences. Search Engine Optimization makes your website visible to search engine traffic. Millions of people are online every second. Perhaps a few statistics will help you understand what you could be missing:

  • There are over 2 billion internet users globally
  • Out of all online activities, 93 percent of these commence at the search engine
  • 40,000 searches take place every second
  • Users conduct 3.5 billion searches daily

How can social media drive your sales?

  1. Improved SEO rankings

Web optimization requires you to publish content that is not only of high quality but on a consistent basis. People are always looking for solutions. If they land on your page and find that you have a product or service they need, you already have customers. Therefore, you need to have SEO experts guide you on how to increase client engagement on your social media platforms.

  1. Link building

The content you place on social media can attract quality links from people who own influential websites. With your content running on channels that influencers visit, they will see it and nothing can stop them from linking to their blogs or site. Since they have many followers online, you get streams of traffic which translates to an increase in sales.

  1. Boost of engagement

Your social media pages have links to websites and the other way around. Bearing in mind that you still run content here, someone will find and share it with others in all the platforms where he or she has a presence. Now that is called engagement. By increasing it, you get more connections and more business leads.

  1. Promotion of content

SEO experts write articles, blogs and social media posts. To attract online users’ attention, they optimize them using keywords. The process results in higher page rankings and visibility. Imagine taking this concept and using it on social media channels. Quality content always draws interest; people will read and share it with others. Once that happens, traffic flows back to your site.

  1. Up to date status

Regular posts on your social media pages assure people that they can find recent information. Among other things, your business image improves, you build trust, you stay relevant and get more sales.

You cannot separate SEO and social media, the two must work together. Talk to your SEO service provider today about these benefits and begin to witness growth in sales and customer base.

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