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7 Ways To Drive Business During The Holiday Season

7 Ways To Drive Business During The Holiday Season

One of the most highly anticipated periods in the business calendar is the holiday season. It is, after all, the season of giving; and these gifts being given must first be procured from businesses. There are two strategies employed to increase sales volumes during the holiday season. First you need to increase your customer base. And secondly, you need to ‘encourage’ your existing customer base to spend more on your goods or services.

Here are 7 strategies to enable your business take advantage of the lucrative holiday season.

  1. Adorn your shop with holiday-themed displays

A customer’s decision to purchase from you is heavily visually-based. They can’t buy it if they can’t see it. The main purpose of holiday-themed displays is to use vibrant colors and extra lighting to highlight the products that you believe will appeal to your clients during the holiday season. If you are running an online-based business, then you can change your overall color scheme to reflect the holiday season. For online businesses, Team Soda offers SEO for businesses in San Diego that want to ensure that their holiday theme gets maximum visibility.

  1. Promotions and discounts

Having sales promotions is one of the time-tested strategies for driving business during the holiday season. Sales promotions come in various forms; you can offer holiday discounts, run a ‘buy one get one free’ promotion or even hold a holiday raffle where shoppers who meet a certain dollar minimum threshold get an entry to win grand prizes.

  1. Bundle your products

If you understand your business, and your customer base, then you will know that some products are very popular during the holiday season while others move off the shelf more slowly. To increase your sales volume, you need to bundle these two types of products in attractively-priced packages so that you get rid of some of your ‘dead stock’ over the holiday season. After all, no one wants to start off a fresh year with stale stock.

  1. Hold an event

Nothing attracts clients like free entertainment. If you are working with a permissive budget, you should consider holding a concert, hiring an in-store Santa or holding any free entertainment event to attract clients. If you are a small business, then you can partner with nearby small business within your locality to hold a joint holiday event. Try to factor in the products that you want to sell into the event. For example, a bookstore can hire a famous author to do book signing while a gaming store can hold a tournament with prizes se to be won.

  1. Leverage Social Media

Social media is a powerful marketing tool that allows you to raise awareness for your products, directly engage your clients, and increase your customer base. If leveraged effectively, it could multiply your sales volume significantly. Apart from offering SEO for businesses in San Diego, Team Soda also offers social media management packages that can boost your holiday sales.

  1. Adequately staff your business for the holiday season

There are few things that annoy shoppers the way horrible customer service experiences do. If you are targeting increased sales during the holiday season, then you need to increase your staff’s numbers and enthusiasm levels in order to handle the increased customer activities.

  1. Plan early

By mid-October, you need to have your holiday season strategy ready for implementation. Planning early allows you to come up with an effective strategy – one that has been well researched. Team Soda, which offers SEO for business in San Diego, can help you drive your business during the holiday season via an online marketing campaign.

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