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Audio Searching: Is It The Future Of SEO?

Audio Searching: Is It The Future Of SEO?

Audio searching is growing at a very fast rate and changing SEO as we know it. Why would audio searching gain such traction in a short time? Well, it is faster and more convenient with the technology behind it such as Siri and Google Assistant evolving daily. Furthermore, audio searching is more reliable in situations where typing is not possible in the case of terminal disability. That said, audio searching is changing SEO as we know it and here are 5 ways how this is happening.

  1. SEO ranking of transcribed audio

Yes! You read that right! A huge percentage, 62% actually, of universal Google searches include video! In fact, the first page of results will always include video results along with written text. This just means that going forward, having a video with corresponding text will greatly aid your rankings. Furthermore, captioned videos tend to get more views; up to 40% more actually.

  1. Hearing impaired audiences are catered for

Transcribed videos also reach an audience that has long been forgotten, the hearing-impaired masses. According to credible research, 15% of adults in the US have some trouble hearing, yet they are active internet users all the same. Furthermore, it has been proven that pages which have corresponding video text make more revenue than those that do not have this feature.

  1. Watching and listening at the same time is a thing

Learning for most people happens both visually and audibly therefore a video that offers both aspects is bound to get more viewership. Furthermore, a third of the time spent online is spent watching videos that have transcribed text. Transcribing videos is a great way to cash in this new SEO trend especially for marketing campaigns.

  1. The power of spoken word in articulating a message

The spoken word has been used through generations to pass down invaluable insights and learnings. Even now in the technological age, we cannot ignore the power and importance of the spoken word. Additionally, the spoken word has a great and powerful impact on its audiences. In fact, SEO gurus like us agree that audio and video content gives the best ROI. Furthermore, this type of content offers an emotional connection with a product or a service that cannot be rivaled. It has been noted that viewers are more likely to share a video as opposed to text based content, which boosts SEO greatly.

  1. Emphasis on mobile

Mobile devices are definitely more popular than desktops or other devices used to search the internet. It is also a proven fact that mobile phone users are more likely to use voice search as opposed to typing out their search commands. This could be due to the fact that there is more advanced voice search technology on these devices than on any other devices. Therefore, anything that is doing well in the mobile space will likely boost SEO in that direction.

In conclusion, SEO is a pretty dynamic field which you cannot hope to keep up with. Talk to us here at Team Soda and let us help you tap into the new frontier of SEO for your business; voice search.


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