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Author: Sean

When choosing a hosting provider, there are several things you need to consider. Whether your website is for personal or business use, you should look for a plan with 24/7 support and a low downtime. A hosting company that offers 99% uptime, for example, will have about seven hours of downtime per month. Three days of downtime a year is not good for your search engine rankings or your customer's trust. You will also want a...

An SEO expert is an individual with great skill and knowledge regarding search engine optimization. This is a person that has been in the SEO field for a long while and has throughout that time amassed great insights and techniques. ...

Why SEO during the Covid-19 pandemic? The COVID-19 virus has had a devastating effect on businesses all over the world. Most of them are running on bare minimum and others have completely shut down. It’s natural for a business owner to, therefore, wonder why he/she should bother with SEO at such a difficult period.  The virus has forced people to either work from home or to stay at home. This means that people have more time on their...