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Conversion Rates And What They Mean For Your Site/Business

Conversion Rates And What They Mean For Your Site/Business

Conversion rates point to the number of visitors to your site that perform and finish a desired goal, out of a total number of visitors. Conversion rates are usually expressed in a percentage. A high conversion rate indicates that your marketing campaign was successful and your digital design is also successful. This means that you are reaching your targeted audience, offering them what they want and that they are able to access it easily.

There are three steps you should take in order to find out the conversion rate of your site. These steps are;

  1. Understanding the importance of conversion rates to your site

Unless you understand the importance of conversion rates to your site or business, then this would be an exercise in futility. You need to move your focus away from traffic to your site, and focus on how to optimize this traffic for your benefit. You should now move your marketing efforts away from just boosting your traffic, to converting this traffic into buyers or consumers of your product and service.

  1. Knowing exactly what you want to measure

You need to figure out exactly what metrics you want to measure. These could be;

  • Free trial sign-ups
  • Product or service purchases
  • Email update sign-ups
  • E-book downloads and so on

Once you establish which metrics you are going to measure, then you can get onto the next step.

  1. Track your conversion rates

You can now track your conversion rates using Google Analytics. If this proves too technical for you to handle, you can call in the experts. There are many SEO experts who can help you track your business’s conversion rates.

Once you have found out the conversion rates of your business or site, it is now time to use this data to optimize your conversion rates. Conversion rates optimization is a system where you ensure that the customers who visit your site become paying customers, or buy your goods and services. There are different conversion rate optimization tools, some of which include;

Analytics Tools

These tools provide you with data and hard facts about where things went wrong on your website e.g. cart abandonment and bounce rates. Some of these tools include Google Analytics and Clicktale.

Research Tools

These tools perform qualitative research and answer the question ‘why?’ You get to understand why a customer completed a purchase, or why they abandoned it midway. Some of these research tools include Peek and SurveyMonkey.

Testing tools

These tools use the findings of your quantitative and qualitative research to test and experiment with your hypothesis. Some of these testing tools include Unbounce and Fivesecondtest.

All this information may be mind-boggling to a new online entrepreneur. The basics are easy to apply, though the hard core researching may require you to contact an SEO expert. It is key that you do not understate the importance of conversion rates for your business or site. Talk to the experts and harness the power of conversion rates optimization for your business bottom-line.







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