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What’s dental SEO you ask? A quick search for dentists in San Diego on Google yields about 20 million search results. As a dentist, you’d want your firm to feature among the top twenty of those search results. SEO, search engine optimization in full, is the process of analyzing your website and tailoring it in such a way that it ranks higher on SERPs (search engine result pages). In simple words, SEO is all about increasing your firm’s visibility to attract more clients.

Today’s client will most likely not venture past the second page of a search engine’s result page. This highlights the importance of your website being ranked higher. It may determine whether your business sinks or floats.


Does my dental practice need SEO?

As long as your business is client-based, then yes, you need SEO. A common mistake most people make is thinking that SEO only applies to start-ups. Even well-established practices can still attract more clients. Though there are other methods of getting traffic through your website, not many are as reliable and cost-effective as SEO. An online presence will net your practice better returns than other forms of advertising.


What are some of the merits of SEO?

  • Better returns on investment

Unlike normal advertisements that target mass outreach, having a website that’s ranked higher on SERPs will net you more sales since its tailored to reach out to people who are looking for your services. In other words, it has a higher conversion rate than paid advertisements which translates to massive savings in the long run.


  • Levels the playing field

Effective SEO can have your new dental practice competing with heavyweights who own a larger market share. Ranking higher on SERPs not only increases your visibility, but it also builds consumer trust. Clients are more likely to have faith in a business that has a stronger web presence.


  • Cost-saving/ cutting

SEO is cheaper than advertising when it comes to increasing sales. If you are familiar with web design, search engine algorithms, and SEO techniques then you can go it alone instead of hiring an SEO Company. But not many people can manage that.


  • Results are measurable

Anyone investing time and resources would want to know whether they are getting a fair ROI. With SEO, you can quantify your website’s progress, client conversions, where they come from, and find out what keywords are vital to the success of your business.


  • You gain a business partner

By hiring an SEO company, you inadvertently gain a business partner who will assist you in making informed decisions and alert you on new market trends.


How can a San Diego SEO company improve my dental practice’s online presence?

SEO is a process that involves establishing your current standing in search engine rankings and employing different techniques to improve your web traffic which later translates to better sales.


Here is a breakdown of the SEO process.


  1. SEO audits

To get you started, it is vital to establish what your business’ goals are, what you are doing right, and what you can improve on. This is done by:


  • Analyzing your website structure

If you’re just starting, an SEO company can help you set up a website from scratch and also help you run it. If you have one in place, the SEO Company will look at your website’s structure and how appealing it is to your clients. Having a fast website also enhances your user experience. Your potential clients will be able to get more information in the least amount of time.


  • Keyword analysis

Knowing what your potential clients key in on search engines is of utmost importance. Having those keywords on your website will help your business rank higher on SERPs.


  • Analyzing your competitors

Knowing what your competitor is up to is essential in ensuring that you always stay ahead. An SEO company analyzes your competitors’ progress against your own, helping you make improvements.


  • Carry out backlink analysis

Backlinks are links to your website on other sites. Quality backlinks will help your business climb up the search engines’ ranking.


  1. Content development

A good SEO company will help you fine-tune your site’s content so that it speaks to the clients’ demands. Quality content will help your practice improve its ranking.


  1. Google local mapping

People looking for dental services will most likely search for dentists within their locality. No one wants to travel hundreds of miles for a dental appointment. This highlights the importance of adding your contacts and physical address to your online presence. An SEO Company will help you add a google map with a marker showing your business premises to your website. Businesses with this feature are more reachable to customers.


Once all these techniques are put to use, you are bound to start noticing an increase in web traffic and more clients walking through your doors. Although it may take a while to fully implement, the wait will be worth it.

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