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You’re probably asking yourself what SEO is and how it relates to your roofing company. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of directing traffic from search engines to your website to increase sales. This involves employing different techniques over a period of time and ensuring that your website is attractive to search engines and their algorithms. It will ensure that your site is ranked higher in the search index and thereby increasing your visibility to potential clients.


Does my roofing company need SEO?


SEO is highly recommended for start-up roofing companies. It levels the playing field for smaller companies competing with bigger and well-established ones. If you’re a bigger, more established roofing company thinking that you can do without SEO, think again. As the world moves to a digital age where more people are connecting to the internet, web visibility may be the difference between staying on top and going under. Conventional methods of attracting clients like placing adverts in the local dailies are no longer enough. Keeping up with the ever-dynamic demands of your clients requires your business to invest in a roofing SEO company.


Advantages of hiring an SEO consultant


  • Cost-effectiveness

Placing an advertisement on prime time TV or in a popular newspaper will set you back thousands, if not millions, of dollars. The content of that advert will be aired to a large portion of the population who might not even be interested in taking on a roofing company. On the flip side, hiring an SEO company will enable you to tailor your content to people who are looking specifically for roofing companies.


  • Receive return on investment

While you can make do with carrying out search engine optimization without hiring an SEO consultant, balancing the day to day activities of running your company and carrying out SEO may be difficult. Google, which owns the largest market share in the search engine industry, is constantly refining its algorithms to improve its customer experience by ensuring the most relevant information to what their clients search for, is what comes up on top. Missing some of the changes they make to their algorithm may result in your company being knocked down the search index, reducing its visibility. An SEO consultant will help you stay on top by optimizing your content and giving you feedback on the changes made.


  • Partnership

An SEO company will act as your partner who can give you different ideas on how to deal with arising problems and also provide a safe environment where you can bounce off your ideas.


  • Measuring your results

You can quantify the different campaigns an SEO company has employed to enhance your web visibility on different search engine listings. They will simplify the raw data collected from the search engines by converting it to formats you can understand.


What can a San Diego SEO firm do for my roofing company?

We can help you grow your client numbers by making sure that your roofing company’s online presence is visible and readily accessible to potential clients.


Here’s a step by step guide on how we do it:


  1. Carrying out SEO audits

If you’re just starting, we will assist you by analyzing your goals and looking at the best techniques to employ, in order to achieve them. If you’re an existing business, the SEO audit will entail grading your online reach and analyzing its ability to pop up in search engine results.


  1. Creating a website

For startups, having a fast website and user-friendly interface ticks the search engines’ algorithm boxes. A competent SEO company will help you build a website that will incorporate the above elements which will in turn make search engines like you. An SEO will also provide website support that includes its maintenance, ridding it of bugs, and troubleshooting.


  1. Content development

Having a good looking website alone will not push it up the search engines’ list. Your website has to have content that is informative and that is related to what the potential client is looking for. An SEO company will guide you in tailoring your website content to meet top industry standards.


  1. Keyword research

Knowing what people type into the search engine when looking for information is crucial in ensuring that your website pops up on the first pages of the leading search engines. For a roofing company having variations of keywords such as ‘San Diego roofing companies’, and ‘roofing companies in San Diego’ is important for the website’s success.

An SEO company will also analyze your competitors’ keywords to help you stay ahead of the curve.


  1. Google local mapping

Google introduced a feature where business with local addresses that are on google maps will rank higher in the search listings. In today’s market, most searches are tailored to getting services or products that are close to the client. An SEO company will help set up your roofing company’s google maps profile which will in turn give your potential clients a better understanding of your proximity to them.


In conclusion, having an SEO company to partner with is critical to your business’ growth and survival. However, it should be noted that hiring an SEO consultant does not translate into instant success. The SEO process takes time to implement and tweak. With that in mind, success will most certainly follow.


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