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Does my CBD business need SEO?

Every business strives to be different from the next even if they sell the same products. It is that uniqueness that will drive a customer to opt for one of the product over the other. Standing out from the crowd is easier said than done. We live in an interconnected world where everyone has ideally the same tools available to them. Their implementation is what sets one business apart from the other.

Ever since governments around the world declassified CBD products as schedule I drugs, there has been a boom in their cultivation, processing, and sale. The business is now saturated with all sizes of businesses ranging from the big corporations to the small stone-and-mortar dispensaries around the corner, all fighting for a piece of the market share. So how do you set yourself apart from the crowd? The answer hinges on your company’s visibility. Being easily found by your customer is the key to increasing sales; and consequently, profitability. This highlights the need for having an effective SEO strategy.

CBD Advertising

The best way to let your customers know where to find your products is through advertising. However, advertising options for CBD products are currently limited. Here are some of the leading advertising options’ stance on CBD and cannabis marketing:

  • Twitter

The platform has a handful of restrictions on CBD advertising. It prohibits advertising of any ingestible CBD products, only allowing topical ones. It also restricts the locations in which you can advertise the CBD products and, also, the age of your target audience. 

  • Facebook

Facebook is more lenient than twitter but also has a handful of restrictions. Although Cannabis-extracted CBD is prohibited from being advertised on the platform, hemp-derived CBD isn’t. You are, however, only allowed to publish topical hemp-derived CBD. The difference between Facebook and Twitter is that on Facebook consumers can promote links to a landing page which links back to their website where they can advertise all their CBD products.

  • Google

Promoting CBD products through Google AdWords is also prohibited. You risk being penalized by being banned from placing future ads even if they aren’t of CBD products.

  • Instagram

Policies on this platform are much more relaxed than those on Twitter. You can take advantage of the platform’s business profile to link your website on the ‘story’ option and also on your profile bio. 

What is the government’s stance on CBD advertising?

Although there isn’t any regulatory body specially tasked with regulating CBD products, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has control of what you can put out there regarding CBD. Some of the things to avoid when advertising CBD include:

  • Medical claims and health benefits

You may have come across articles highlighting diseases, ailments, and conditions that CBD can treat. The FDA does not approve any of these claims. Your website will be taken down and you risk being fined if found in violation of any of their policies.

  • Unsubstantiated claims

Research on the benefits of CBD is now carried out more often since its legalization in most states. However, claims on its benefits must be backed up by credible, authentic, and approved data. This includes reviews and testimonials posted on your website or advert. 

  • FDA approval

The FDA has made it illegal to add CBD to any food, drinks, dietary supplements, and even pet food. It is therefore advisable to steer clear of advertising any CBD products infused to the above mediums.

Cannabis and CBD SEO

Clearly, the key to getting your business out there is implementing SEO marketing strategies. This increases organic traffic through your website and makes it easier for potential customers to find and purchase your CBD products without violating the terms and conditions set out by the government.

Here’s a breakdown of CBD sales by channel as per the Hemp Business Journal.

Channel% of sales
Natural and specialty retail18%
Smoke shops8%
Mass market retail3%

The table highlights the importance of your business having an online presence. Implementing the right CBD SEO strategies is crucial to the success of your business.

How can I implement CBD SEO?

Although CBD SEO may take a while for you to get your return on investment and can be difficult to implement, it is more effective than conventional advertisement given the legal restrictions that are in place. Some of the strategies employed include:

  • Growing content

Content creation is one of the best ways to get your website ranked higher on search engine results pages. It allows one to implement the required keywords through articles and blogs. Putting out great CBD content gives your site more authority, attracts customers, and gets your site ranked and indexed better by Google.

  • Use tools provided by Google

It’s no secret that Google accounts for more than half of online searches. This is because it has optimized its search engines to find the most relevant information to its users. It also provides developers with tools such as Google search console which has a URL inspection feature. A good SEO company will apply resources such as website development, site audits, competitor analysis, backlink development, and more to increase your visibility on SERPs and boost your organic sales.

  • Using social media

Does social media improve my business’ outreach? Shares, likes, and reactions on social media platforms can help your website’s search engine ranking. Educational articles and blogs on what CBD is are not prohibited on social media platforms. This can be a great way of increasing awareness and increasing customers without violating the terms of service. Sharing your content on social media platforms is also a great way of generating backlinks. It also increases your website’s domain authority.

In a business as saturated as that of the CBD market, SEO can be your ace in the hole when it comes to growing your brand, gaining loyal customers, and increasing your site visitors and sales. And to be honest, there are limited other ways to market CBD products due to legal restrictions as seen above. Talk to Team Soda and get the best help from people who not only understand SEO but the CBD market as well.

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