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Is your contractor business applying search engine optimization techniques to get ahead? Today, every smart contractor needs to know the advantage(s) of SEO in business and utilize it to its full effect. Without SEO, your business is never going to operate at full capacity. It’s akin to leaving money on the table simply because you can’t see it. And another thing to note is that SEO is affordable and it works for any contractor business, be it a building contractor, electrical contractor, plumbing contractor, paving/driveway contractor, landscaping contractor, remodeling contractor, interior design contractor and so on.


Below, learn more about SEO for contractors and take the necessary steps to capitalize on this huge advantage.


Why you’re losing money if you don’t have SEO

You might say that your business is doing well and you don’t need SEO. Or you might think that your particular business doesn’t need SEO due to its nature. In either case you would be wrong. Most clients today are looking for their next contractor online straight from the screens on their phones or computers. In total there are millions of such online searches carried out on search engines such as Google. And those searches add up to billions of contracting revenue each year. Are you really capitalizing on all that potential business?


If you’re a contractor and you’re not applying SEO on your website and online presence, you are definitely losing money. And that lost revenue is being taken up by your savvy competitors who have something that you don’t – a good SEO company in their corner.


What we can do for you

An established San Diego SEO company such as Team Soda can take various steps/actions within the field of Search Engine Optimization for your business as a contractor. These include:


  • SEO auditing

Here we will put your online business website under the microscope and use specialized SEO software to see how well or poorly your business is doing. This process will allow us to definitively tell you exactly what SEO input your website needs.


  • SEO campaign development

After the SEO audit, an SEO company can now come up with a plan on how to develop your SEO campaign. This campaign will detail what needs to be done, what the objectives of the process are, how long the process needs to take, what kind of budget is needed, etc.


  • Website design & development

A good website is critical if your business is to hold up against the competition online. And a good website is more than just looks and colors. A good SEO company will advise you on a robust hosting plan to support enough traffic without lagging or crashing. They will design a website that is easy to navigate and understand. And they will make sure the website is responsive for seamless viewing on phones and tablets.


  • Keyword research and analysis

Keywords hold the potential to unlock lots of business if you know how to use them right. Do you know what keywords are ranking on Google for your particular business? You should! Your SEO company can carry out comprehensive research on this and then apply those keywords for on-site SEO when creating your website, for content development, and for back-linking through secondary sites. All this will help funnel more clicks to your business and help you rank higher for such searches.


  • Content development

Does your website have enough and meaningful content? If yours is an online store, for example, it should have enough information about the products and services you are selling. The content also needs to be of high quality in order to push your brand image and sales. If you didn’t know, sites with better content are automatically ranked higher by search engines.


  • Google mapping optimization

SEO will also help your business enjoy more clicks, phone calls and sales simply by tweaking and updating your Google mapping details. These are important because they boost your map visibility with every search applicable to your business. If potential customers are looking for a contractor near their location, correct mapping will help you win such business.


  • Contact information updating

Is the contact information on your website up to date? Some small business owners and contractors forget to update their contact information with time. That alone will cost you important business leads each year. During SEO, that information will be expanded and updated so that all potential customers can reach you conveniently.


  • Back linking and authority building

Building links is a more technical aspect of SEO. But it is a very important one for all SEO clients. This process, though long and painstaking, will help build your site into an authority domain that gets you better ranking with time.


Difference between contractors with SEO and those without:


Contractors with SEO Contractors without SEO
Ranks high on search result pages Ranks poorly on search result pages
Enjoys many clicks and views on website Enjoys few clicks and views on website
Gets many leads and sales online Gets few leads and sales online
Gets business from far and wide Gets business mostly from referrals and word of mouth
Can easily expand operations to new areas Cannot easily expand operations to other areas



Are you ready to use SEO to grow your contracting business and enjoy more sales? Enlist the professional help of a San Diego SEO firm such as Team Soda and be on your way to reap all the benefits listed above.

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