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Is Your SEO Investment Paying Off?

Is Your SEO Investment Paying Off?

Investing in SEO should be every online business’s top priority in this technologically advanced age. According to an online article, investing in SEO is pretty much like investing in the stock market. You will research to find the keywords that will help your content convert and increase traffic. You need to maintain a good balance between risk and reward. Having established what these keywords are, you then pick and apply them. You then watch to see if your choice was good. There will be growth and decline. This is exactly how the stock market works; the only difference being that stocks are what are being used here.

Having picked your keywords and applied them to your content, how then can you measure if your investment is paying off?  There is no clear-cut way to measure this. In fact, it is advisable to invest in SEO with a forward-thinking mentality. Use the tools at hand to assist you to predict your outcome. These tools include trends in the industry and predictions, the intent of the searchers (are they looking to buy or are they just browsing categories?), advice and opinions from experts as well as competition for the keywords you have chosen to use.

Having used these pointers to help you choose your keywords, you can measure your ROI by asking yourself these questions;

  • Is there an increase in organic traffic?

Using Google Analytic, you will be able to narrow down to the organic searches that featured your keywords. Using these metrics helps you to single out searchers who are not aware of your business. To make this research work done for you, generate a custom report that will be mailed to you regularly.

  • Are you receiving high-quality searches from Search Engines?

A spike in traffic does not necessarily lead to conversions. High-quality searches are the ones that increase conversions or sales. If you are only seeing a spike in traffic with no real conversions, you may have to check if your keywords are too vague.

  • Are you using Google Alerts?

You may wonder why you need Google Alerts, especially if you are a small startup. Setting up Google Alerts is a very important step in SEO marketing that is mostly overlooked. Google Alerts are important because they help you keep tabs on your brand, monitor your Keywords, and monitor your competition by finding out what is working and what is not working.

Keep in mind that these are just tips, not a formula to measure your ROI in SEO. It is also important to note that investment in SEO is long-term. Do not set unrealistic short-term goals and expectations for your marketing campaign. You will likely see results in 6 to 12 months. A short-term mentality will only frustrate you and cause you to lose focus. For help with your SEO marketing campaign, talk to us at Team Soda. We offer Local and National SEO as well as Social Media Marketing consultancy.

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