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How To Measure The Effectiveness Of Your SEO Strategy

How To Measure The Effectiveness Of Your SEO Strategy

Every time period can be identified by the innovation it contributes to business. In the 21st century, it is difficult to maintain a successful business without an online presence. While there are businesses that exclusively operate online, even ‘brick and mortar’ businesses need to maintain an online presence to achieve profitability. The main reason for businesses maintaining an online presence is the ubiquity of internet access. Customers search online to find the businesses offering the goods and services that they need.

Getting visitors on the siteIn this competitive online market, your website’s ranking on search engines determines the number of clients that view your business. This is why every company with an online presence requires the services of SEO experts. SEO experts optimize your webpage(s) to enable them rank highly on search engine results. But how do you determine the effectiveness of the SEO strategy that you have implemented?

1.     Increase in Organic Search Engine Traffic

While there are many activities an SEO company is expected to do for your online business; the main purpose of SEO is to improve your ranking on search engines. With Google controlling more than 78% of the global search engine market share, your ranking on Google is the biggest determinant of the success of your SEO strategy. Research has shown that most search queries on Google end on the first page of Google. Most web users will not bother to see the results in the second page of a Google search.

Therefore, the most important measurement metric for the success of your SEO strategy is the increase in organic search engine traffic. If you do not see any significant increase in your organic search engine traffic, then you can safely assume that your search engine visibility has not improved which points to flaws in your SEO strategy.

2.     Referral Traffic Increase

A comprehensive strategy for SEO for business is link building. The SEO company that you engage should identify websites whose audiences would respond positively to your services or products and establish links that redirect them to your website. Therefore, if your website metrics do not show a significant increase in referral traffic, then your link based SEO efforts have not borne any fruit.

3.     Quality of traffic

While traffic increase is a positive sign, not all traffic is of ‘quality’ to your business. If you do not convert your traffic into meaningful clients then your SEO strategy cannot be considered to be successful. When formulating an SEO strategy, you need to have a preferred action that you expect your visitors to do. If it is for a lead-generation marketing campaign, then you might want them to provide you with their contacts so that you can send them targeted marketing messages. For an e-commerce site, you want them to make a purchase. And in some cases, you might want them to subscribe to your social media pages.

If you get an increase to your web traffic without achieving any positive increase in your preferred action, then the quality of your traffic has not increased. SEO for business should result in a higher percentage of your visitors responding to your preferred call to action.

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