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Not Investing In SEO Yet? Here Are 5 Reasons Why Business Owners Should

Not Investing In SEO Yet? Here Are 5 Reasons Why Business Owners Should

If you are a business owner, you definitely should be investing in SEO. In fact, that should be your number one goal in regards to marketing and sales. SEO deals with increasing the visibility of your website to users on search engine platforms such as Google. If you’re not using SEO already, here is why you should.


  1. SEO is a credible scientific methodology with results

SEO has become quite popular in recent years. Or is it just an over-hyped fad? A decade or two ago, the only thing business owners needed to do in order to gain online visibility was create a website. Today, that is not enough, not by a long shot. SEO is the new driver to online success. The new popularity of SEO might lead some to doubt its efficacy. However, SEO is real and legitimate. It’s a scientific process whose methodology works. From site audits to Google Analysis and keyword research, every step of SEO has significance and can be quantified.


  1. It’s been tested and proven to work

SEO has now been around for about a decade. Throughout this time, it has only grown in leaps and bounds. This is primarily because SEO has been tested and proven to work. Those who have used it know that it works. Testimonials from SEO websites or their reference clients can confirm the same. In fact, do you know that some of the largest players in most industries continuously use SEO practices to stay ahead?


  1. SEO will give your business an edge in today’s competitive landscape

Today’s online business landscape is very competitive. As mentioned earlier, almost every business today has a website. This means that the online space is quite crowded with different players trying to get a share of the online customer base. Through different search engine optimization techniques, SEO will give you a distinct advantage over your competitors. This is achieved through competitor analysis, keyword research, web re-design, content creation, social media, paid adverts, and other SEO tools.


  1. SEO is crucial for business survival in the age of eCommerce

Ecommerce is the new face of business in today’s technologically advanced age. Did you know that recent studies show that more than 50% of all sales in most retail industries occur online and through search engines? Furthermore, do you know that major retail stores that have dominated the market for decades in the US have been shutting down of late due to this same reason? Business has moved from the street to search engines and websites. As such, if you own a business, you must invest in online marketing strategies such as SEO if you don’t want your business to perish as well.


  1. It’s cheaper and more effective than traditional marketing

Are marketing costs concern for you? Another reason why businesses should invest in SEO is because it’s actually cheaper and more efficient than traditional advertising. Traditional advertising through billboards, newspapers, and TV costs millions of dollars. SEO is much more affordable. It is so affordable that a local business owner, say an electrician, can pay for local SEO services. SEO also has a higher ROI than traditional marketing due to its low costs. That is to say, with a modest SEO budget, you can reach more prospective clients online and incur much lowers marketing costs per click/person.


Through SEO services such as Local SEO, National SEO or even Franchise SEO, an expert SEO company can get your business seen by more people leading to more web visits, more clicks, more sales, and more brand popularity. SEO companies can also work with varying budgets to get you results. So whether you want your business to flourish nationally or just locally within your city, SEO has got you covered.


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