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Questions To Ask Your SEO Expert After All Is Said And Done

Questions To Ask Your SEO Expert After All Is Said And Done

If you have been tapping into SEO to give your business a fighting change in this era of e-commerce, then you know that working closely with your SEO experts is important. An interesting aspect that is rarely talked about is what to do, or better yet what to ask, once the SEO campaign is over and their contract is complete. Do you just shake hands and say thanks or is there a way to extract more value from this opportunity? Here are some great questions to ask them. Read through to see why.

How successful was your SEO undertaking on my business?

SEO expert San DiegoOne of the burning questions you must have when your SEO campaign is complete is whether any success came out of it, and if so just how much. This is an important question to ask even though you’ve most likely been getting regular updates and have also been experiencing the effects of the SEO process on the front end of the business in regards to sales.

The SEO expert will fill you in on how much traffic they have been able to bring to your business, how much they have improved your brand through structural changes to your website, and they will also be able to inform you just how much market penetration they have managed to establish under either local SEO or national SEO.

Which areas of SEO was my business most lacking in?

It is not good enough to know the good that came about from the SEO work. You also need to know where things were going wrong before the SEO experts came and did their magic. Without this knowledge you may end up repeating the same mistakes and thereby undoing all the valuable work you have all put in.

In response to this question your SEO provider will detail problems such as poor website design, slow website loading, little or no use of targeted or researched keywords, little or no use of paid search Ads, weak social media presence, poor or inaccurate data on Google maps, etc.

Which areas of SEO do I still need to work on?

Just because the SEO exercise is over does not mean that you no longer need search engine optimization. The truth is, SEO is a continuous process. You may be ending an SEO campaign but you may very well still need to apply various SEO disciplines to your business.


Here your SEO expert will break down the various search engine optimization techniques that you are still yet to tap into. Examples might include social media marketing, video SEO, website re-design, etc.

How can I continue to grow my business moving forward?

SEO or not, you still have a business to run and a brand to build. Having worked closely with your business for weeks or months, your SEO company might have valuable insights on how to grow and scale your business.

Here your SEO provider might talk about ideas such as expanding the scope of your SEO reach to target other cities and states. They might also mention other ideas beyond SEO such as expanding your inventory list, competitive pricing, etc.

If you need the professional advice of an SEO expert in San Diego, Team Soda is here for you. Talk to us for a free consult or website analysis.

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