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Quick SEO Tips That Will Boost Your Site’s Ranking Before Year Ends

Quick SEO Tips That Will Boost Your Site’s Ranking Before Year Ends

Have you been trying to boost your site’s SEO efforts all year without much luck. Or maybe have the year’s Google updates wiped out your SEO gains? Lots of people may relate with this. However, the good news is that there is still a little time to give your site an SEO boost before 2018 officially ends. Check them out below.

What tips can boost my site ranking?

  1. Review your website design and ensure that it is easy for users to navigate. Provide links to relevant pages and have a simple site menu. In line with this, also ensure that you have a mobile-friendly site. Majority of online users these days are on their phone.
  2. Push quality content on the site as it helps to drive great search engine rankings. Most search algorithms are tunes to detect quality content. So invest in quality content and not just the cheapest content out there. Quality content should be informative and unique.
  3. Identify and target the keyword phrases for each page; you can have this word/s repeated in the page content at least three to four times. Through Google analytics, you can find out what the active keywords in your industry are. Apply these KWs in your content and site to get more hits.
  4. Take advantage of the holiday season and push content themed around the festivities of year end. The holidays are a goldmine if you know how to take advantage of the huge business that takes place around this time. Create offers, raffles, contests, etc.
  5. Use descriptive links instead of ‘click here’ links. The descriptive links provide readers with an idea of what information is contained in the link.
  6. Identify and fix broken links. Broken links will hinder the ability of search engines to effectively crawl all the pages on your site.
  7. Ensure your site loads very fast; you can reduce unnecessary images or videos that could slow its performance. Getting better hosting can also help with this.
  8. Add common modifying words such as best, now, cheap, guide to your keywords so that they can rank better.
  9. Update all your posts at least once in a year. You can also change the date structure in your URL so that it picks the date of the last updates instead of the date an article was published. This helps to improve your organic traffic.
  10. Use infographics that have some text before or after. They are very helpful in getting social media shares and a lot of backlinks.
  11. Link your site and content to social media. Social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can be great exposure and marketing tools if used wisely.

 At Team Soda we have mastered both the art and science of helping you get higher rankings on Search engines. We are your one-stop shop for all the services that will help you get more clients from your website and social media handles. Reach out to our team today and enjoy a great return on your investment with us.

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