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SEO Can Groom Your Business into the Big Brand You Want It to Be

SEO Can Groom Your Business into the Big Brand You Want It to Be

SEO (to some) it is just a three letter acronym that has little or no meaning at all. However, if you are in business, or should you be planning on venturing into one, SEO is the Holy Grail to grooming it to be the big brand you desire. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process used to increase your business’s visibility to the millions of clients searching for your kind of business or services online, and usually requires a vast knowledge which performed by an SEO expert. It is a double edged sword that gives you a competitive edge against rivals. “How?” you ask? Let us explain.


SEO makes you visible

Whether it is a product or a service, clients today rely on search engine results to locate your business. For instance, a client searching for a barbershop in D.C. would type “Barbershop in D.C.”. The search results the client receives, come ranked in order of relevance (in this case, locality), timeliness and specificity.  Therefore, simply having a business website won’t cut it. Your clients need to reach you. SEO comes in to ensure that once a client initiates a search, your business appears among the top results. It does so by ensuring that your web content directly relates to what the client needs. The more your business website relates to the clients’ search, the more traffic it receives, thereby improving your visibility, and in turn, increasing your market share.


SEO = competitive edge

Every search on the internet is followed by thousands, perhaps millions of results. Studies by scholars have revealed that the average internet user is more likely to click on a search result on the first page of Google instead of those on the other pages. SEO helps your business edge out the competition by maintaining visibility above the rivals. Remember, if the client cannot find you, they find your competition.


SEO is a long-term strategy

Rome was not built in one day, and neither is grooming your business into the big brand you want it to be. SEO helps your business remain relevant even in the extremely dynamic market. Constant relevance to market prices, current trends, and social rankings draw traffic to your business. The ripple effect of this is familiarity with your brand name and customer loyalty, which edges out competition in the long run.


SEO guarantees Ubiquity for your business

All the large multinational companies seem to be mentioned by vloggers, bloggers and reviewers across the internet, all thanks to the constant rankings every time a client searches for a product or service. Your business, too, can enjoy this privilege. It starts slowly. One client visits your website, and so does another, and so on. Recommendations from satisfied clients through social media platforms, again, increase the web traffic to your business thanks to SEO. In the long run, it builds a reliable network of ubiquity for your business.


SEO nets a wider market

Local SEO helps your business stand out and get noticed in every search initiated by a client in the same geographical area (state or metropolitan). National SEO, on the other hand, grows your business search rankings over a larger geographical area, which in turn taps a wider market for you.



The number of active internet users is constantly growing. SEO is the hidden treasure that you need to grow your business. And Team Soda is here to guide you in every step of the way.





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