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Local SEO

Under Local SEO, Team Soda will optimize your site to feature prominently in localized search results. As explained in the home page, Local searches account for over 70% of all Google searches. And if your business is a local one and depends on the customers around you, then Local SEO is crucial for your business success.

In addition to the basic SEO techniques that we use to help your business rank, we’ll polish your contact information and carry out map optimization so that potential customers can find you easily.

Through SEO tools such as Google Analytics, we are capable of offering this service to local businesses in San Diego, the entire Los Angeles, and anywhere else in the country.

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National SEO

National SEO is a completely different ball-game from Local SEO. Under National SEO, we’re going to make your business rank in the entire country. This is a huge undertaking due to the immense competition at this level, not to mention the time and effort needed to produce results. And that is why you need an SEO company with the experience and requisite skills to pull it off; a company that knows exactly what they need to do and how to do it.

Team Soda is that company. We have a capable team of very brilliant minds coupled with all the latest software tools and data needed to put your brand on the national map – literary.

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Social Media

Most SEO companies do not offer much in regards to social media; but Team Soda does. We understand just how powerful social media can be. So we always integrate it into our product package so that your business does not miss out on all that SEO has to offer.

This includes managing your social media sites, creating optimized content for each one, undertaking social media marketing campaigns, and developing social media Ads.

Through these efforts, we are able to expose your brand to more people, collect valuable customer feedback, market your products and services, increase your customer base, make it easier for prospective customers to find you, and even rank your social media pages on Google!

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SEO audits

At Team Soda, we treat SEO like a science. We don’t just dive into your site and start reorganizing things. We are systematic in how we approach the work. And the process always starts with an SEO Audit.

An SEO Audit is a process where we analyze every inch of your site to find out why it needs SEO in the first place. The Audit allows us (and you) to understand why your site is not ranking, getting clicks, making sales, etc. After the Audit, we are able to prepare a report showing what needs to be done. This enables us to offer you better results and more value for your money.

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