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Ahrefs SEO Audit – What you need to know

If you’ve gone through our website here at Team Soda, or if you have done any research into SEO, then you most likely have come across the term SEO audit. An SEO audit is the starting point for any serious search engine optimization work. And we are going to talk about what it involves, why it’s so important, and lots more. Read on to get the scoop!

What is an SEO Audit?

ahrefs SEO audit for businessesAn SEO audit is a comprehensive process that involves putting your website under the microscope in order to find out what aspects of SEO you’re doing right, what aspects you’re doing wrong, what aspects need improvement, and what aspects are downright dangers to your website. That is why whenever we get a new prospective client we always carry out an SEO website audit right away. That audit allows us to take a good look into their domain and find out what SEO service they need and how bad the situation is. Without this information, we wouldn’t be able to know where to start.

How is an SEO audit done?

SEO audits can be carried out in a number of ways. And there are lots of professional tools that SEO experts such as Team Soda use on a daily basis in order to carry out the most efficient and thorough audits possible. One such premium tool that is popular in the SEO world is Ahrefs. At Team Soda we are experts when it comes to SEO audit Ahrefs analysis and reports. Other important tools that we use in order to offer you the best SEO audit results include site crawlers/explorers, Google Analytics tools, Google Webmaster tools, and more.

But what is equally just as important as using the right tools is understanding what to look for. After all, you could have the right tools and not know what to look for. This is the main reason why it is so important to work with seasoned and well-informed SEO professionals when seeking an SEO audit or any SEO service for that matter.

The main areas of concern in any SEO site audit service include:

1. Website structure analysis

Here we look at the structure of your website. We want to see how easy it is for users to navigate across your site to find the different types of content or the different pages on it. The better the structure of your website the higher it ranks on search result pages.

2. Website speed

Websites that load quickly also have better results in SEO and on SERPs. Functionally, a site that has a fast loading speed directly improves user experience and encourages the user to tour more of the site. Consequently, sites with higher speeds see better conversions.

3. Site indexing analysis

Sites that are better indexed have better results on SERPs as well. The more pages indexed, the higher the chances of your website featuring prominently on Google or other search engine sites. A website analysis allows us to see how many pages have been indexed, how many have not, and why.

4. Keyword analysis

Keywords carry the front end of SEO work. An audit allows us to see how many keywords you are applying on your site, the keyword density, as well as what keywords in your industry you should be tapping into.

5. Backlink analysis

This is a very important area of SEO. Sites that rank high on SERPs have lots of backlinks. And those backlinks are of high quality. These links basically tell search engine algorithms that your website is a high authority site. And high authority sites are given higher rankings by these same algorithms on SERPs.

6. Competitor analysis

Here we take a peep into your competitors to see what keywords and backlinks they are applying. And because we are good at our job, we can use this knowledge to mine crucial keywords and backlinks and then apply them onto your website for even better results. This is how shrewd digital marketers keep up with the competition and even get past it.

7. Content analysis

Last but not least we also analyze what type of content you have on your site. Do you have enough of it? Are your pages holding the right word count for indexing? Are you adding regular content to your site? Is the content relevant and of high quality? All these factors matter when search engines are mapping out where your site belongs on SERPs.

When should you get an SEO Audit?

You should seek an SEO audit regularly, at least once a year. If you can, get an audit every quarter. That’s because this is the only process that will inform you whether your site is headed in the right direction. It’s also the only SEO process that will show you which areas need work, and what exactly needs to be done. For example, using keyword analysis the audit will show us exactly what keywords you need to have on your content and Meta tags. This kind of SEO audit repair is not possible until we have carried out an audit first. So the more frequent your audits the better you’ll be able to calibrate your site to head towards the direction you want.

What are some of the signs that your business needs an SEO Audit?


  1. Your website has not had an SEO audit in the last few months, or ever.
  2. You have not had any professional SEO work done recently, or ever.
  3. Your website has very low traffic.
  4. Your website is recording very low conversion or sale numbers.

How long does an SEO audit take?

An SEO audit doesn’t take long. The results are usually instant in some cases. However, it does take a little bit of time for us to analyze all the information that we get from these audits. This is important so that we can study what the problem areas are, how bad they are, and what plan of action is needed. So even though we might have the SEO audit results in minutes, we might need a day or two before we can discuss those results with you.

At Team Soda we offer insightful and highly reliable SEO audits for business owners and digital marketing entrepreneurs. Order a site audit for your business today and let us unearth what is keeping you from success. After that we can tailor a custom plan on how to get you better traffic, more sales, more subscriptions, more interactions with your users, better results on search engines, and a stronger website all around!

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