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Site Visitors Not Converting? Try These Sure Techniques

Site Visitors Not Converting? Try These Sure Techniques

When all is said and done, the work of SEO is to give you an edge on search engine platforms; to give your website the boost it needs in order to be seen. Once it’s seen, visitors will click on it and then it’ll be up to you to sell them your products, services, or content. If you’re getting the website views you need but they’re not converting them into sales then you need to apply some changes that will nudge the visitors to buy/subscribe. And here are some things that can help with that.

  1. A quote form

A quote form on your home page provides site visitors with an avenue to enquire about your prices. Remember, most of the site visitors want to buy. So one of the most common queries they have when they land on your page is pricing. The quote form allows them to fulfill this need. And in turn you are able to provide the information they need, as well as sell to them. And via the contact information they leave behind you can even call or email them later to follow up.

  1. Contact details

Site visitors have answers that they need answered before they can fully commit their hard-earned money to you. They may want to know how long you take to deliver, what your return policy is, etc. Even if these questions are already provided, some site visitors will choose to ask you directly rather than peruse your site for that information. To avoid losing out on such potential sales, provide contact information at the top of your site. Include both a phone number and an email address.

  1. Better loading speed

No one wants a slow-loading website in this day and age. Thanks to the fast-paced world we live in, most of the visitors coming to your site want to browse through it quickly, buy, and then leave. However, a slow website can frustrate them and send them to your competitor. To avoid such unconverted site visits, boost your site’s speed by purchasing better hosting packages. The bigger your site gets, the more you need better hosting services.

  1. Improved product display

In the same way shops and supermarkets need their products prominently displayed for customers to pick and buy, so do you in regards to your site. When site visitors come to your website, they need to find a good display of what you sell, complete with prices and related information. Re-design your site and make sure that your online store makes it easy for customers to shop, compare, and check out. Use quality photos too.

  1. Review of prices

Lastly, your site visitors may not be converting because of your prices. When did you review your prices last? Have you checked out the prices being offered by your competition? Maybe that’s how you’re losing out on sales? You may also want to try offering sales and discounts to boost customer purchases.

At Team Soda we can help you with all your SEO San Diego needs including working on your website and applying all the above adjustments so that you can enjoy better conversion and more income. Talk to us today.


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