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Slow Website? Here’s What Might Be Ailing It

Slow Website? Here’s What Might Be Ailing It

A website is an important ecommerce tool. It helps connect you/your products or services to the World Wide Web. And through it you can expand your business and gain millions of customers, followers, and fans from all over. When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), a good website is critical. However, if you have a slow website, it might not be helping you at all. In this fast-paced world, users want instant service and instant access. So slow websites get little attention, sales, or subscriptions from online users. Below, find out what could be making your website slow and how that can be changed.

Poor hosting servers

The largest and most common cause of slow websites is a slow server connection. If the server is slow to connect your website with the requested content then it will obviously take longer to load. A slow server is often as a result of poor hosting. Your website could be hosted on a server that is overworked or one that is just not enough for the ‘power’ your site needs. Busy websites needs quicker and better servers so that they can serve the many people clicking and browsing on it.

Solution: Upgrade to another hosting service, preferably a premium one that offers the monitoring, support, data, and speed you need.


Poor site design

Your website could also be slow to open due to a poor design. Your website could have a blocky design that has very poor flow between the pages or one where the links do not connect the various subdomains correctly. Such issues make it harder for the host server to load your site as fast as possible. Other related issues include bulky images that have not been compressed, too many junk/unarchived pages, and pages being overloaded with content as opposed to each one having specific content.

Solution: A new streamlined website design where all the pages have been formatted and linked together properly, compressed images, reduced redirects, compressed archives, and better quality HTML coding.


Unresponsive website design

Another issue plaguing many slow websites is an unresponsive design. This is where the website design has not been optimized to function effectively on different devices that have varying screen size formats. This may make your website marginally slower on some devices.

Solution: Have your website designed and tweaked to be responsive on any device users load it on. This includes mobile phones, laptops, tables, desktop monitors, TVs, and others.


Virus and malwares

You could also have malicious software in your site slowing it down. This does not happen often but it happens in some instances, especially if your website does not have an antivirus or anti-malware protection system. The malware in question could have attacked your website by chance, and in some cases, they could have been directed at your business in a malicious move by third parties.

Solution: Have anti-malware monitoring protection on your website.

A slow website denies your website views and sales every single day. At Team Soda we offer unrivaled SEO San Diego services. And this includes a free website analysis that can unearth any issues that might be slowing your website down. Talk to us today and get your site back on the right track.

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