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Every website today needs to have a professional landing page. A landing page is the default page where visitors are directed once they click on a link or a search page result. It is an intentional page created with SEO in mind. And it can be a very productive addition to your website if created and applied in the right ways. If you do not have a landing page on your site yet then here is...

What a time to be alive! In this age of social media, the gap between business and social life is closing by the years. While a company’s website remains an ideal platform for conducting businesses, social media platforms act as the real virtual market. Many online businesses that rely on SEO to increase their online visibility and market share are now appreciating social media integration into their websites. With some platforms boasting billions of active users...

SEO (to some) it is just a three letter acronym that has little or no meaning at all. However, if you are in business, or should you be planning on venturing into one, SEO is the Holy Grail to grooming it to be the big brand you desire. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process used to increase your business’s visibility to the millions of clients searching for your kind of business or services online, and...

According to recent research, about 80% of online shoppers use their mobile phones to shop. In fact, most mobile users prefer to use the mobile interface of online shopping than any other gadget’s interface. This is a great resource for mobile traffic, but why are retailers not tapping into it? Below are a few tips on how to tap into mobile traffic via SEO. Make use of keywords Do your own research to find out what preferences...

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