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Audio searching is growing at a very fast rate and changing SEO as we know it. Why would audio searching gain such traction in a short time? Well, it is faster and more convenient with the technology behind it such as Siri and Google Assistant evolving daily. Furthermore, audio searching is more reliable in situations where typing is not possible in the case of terminal disability. That said, audio searching is changing SEO as we know...

Advertising online has become revolutionized through the years. Now more than ever, online advertising has become the go-to solution for marketers as opposed to traditional methods of advertising. The key reason why online advertising has gained traction in the recent years is because it is cheaper than traditional advertising. There are many ways and forms of advertising online which are super cheap yet have a high ROI. Here are some of these online advertising methods to...

According to recent research, about 80% of online shoppers use their mobile phones to shop. In fact, most mobile users prefer to use the mobile interface of online shopping than any other gadget’s interface. This is a great resource for mobile traffic, but why are retailers not tapping into it? Below are a few tips on how to tap into mobile traffic via SEO. Make use of keywords Do your own research to find out what preferences...

An enhanced online presence draws visitors to your website increasing chances of roping-in more clients. Web optimization improves search engine ranking hence the reason you need to dedicate more resources to the task. The prevailing question is should you hire an SEO company or an individual expert? Many entrepreneurs are unaware of the differences that exist between the two categories of professionals. Here are a couple of them: What does an SEO company offer? SEO companies can assign...

Every time period can be identified by the innovation it contributes to business. In the 21st century, it is difficult to maintain a successful business without an online presence. While there are businesses that exclusively operate online, even ‘brick and mortar’ businesses need to maintain an online presence to achieve profitability. The main reason for businesses maintaining an online presence is the ubiquity of internet access. Customers search online to find the businesses offering the goods and services that they need.

For small businesses, the holiday season represents a lucrative opportunity to boost yearly earnings. With a good strategy, a small business can hold its own against larger competitors and enjoy the holiday period. Here are seven tips that small businesses can use to survive the ultra-competitive holiday season. Have a Plan This is the most important tip for any small business that wants to enjoy the holiday season. The holiday season is too important in the...

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