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Tips On How To Turn Your Social Media Followers Into Customers

Tips On How To Turn Your Social Media Followers Into Customers

Tired of views, likes and clicks, but no sales?

If you’ve done your SEO right, chances are that you have also tapped into SMM and created a strong social media presence on one or several platforms. And this is great. However, in some cases your social media followers can be just that – followers. What you really want, however, is to turn them into loyal customers so that they can form a chunk of your client base. Here how you can make that happen.

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Indicate your prices clearly

One put off on social media that may be keeping your followers from spending some money on your business is your reluctance to indicate your prices. If you keep telling your viewers to contact you for more details or to leave an email address, that may force them to rethink why you’re not being so transparent. They are more likely to assume that your prices are exorbitant or they might think that your business is not legitimate. Indicate your prices boldly and that will also reduce the red tape that is associated with social media sales.

Provide access/links to your online store

If you have not put up an online store on your social media platforms then chances are that your followers do not understand the full array of products/services that you have in store. All they know of are the few products that you have featured on your social media. Creating an online store allows you to showcase everything that you have to offer and gives the viewers more variety to choose from. If you cannot create an online store within the social media platform then simply provide a link to your website and let your followers know about it. You could even post screenshots of the website to give them a taste of what’s in store.

Offer exciting sales promotions

Everyone loves a good deal, and your social media fans are no exception. You will definitely see a spike in sales and subscriptions whenever you run a promotional campaign, especially where you are offering price cuts or ‘buy 2 get 1’ sort of deals. What happens with such promotions is that they generate a high level of interest even with traditional non-buyers on your platforms. People who have generally simply followed your pages and never made a purchase all over sudden decide to try out a few products now that there’s a good opportunity in the offing.

Continue to create a powerful brand

Last, but not in any way least, if you continue to develop a strong and powerful social media brand you will ultimately reap the sales you desire in the end. Focus on creating a brand that everyone (or at least your target market) will want to be associated with. In the end, when your brand is shining in all its glory, every Tom, Dick, and Harry will be lining up around the block to buy just in order to be associated with it. It’s definitely a long-term strategy but it pays huge in the end if executed well.


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