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Video SEO And Why You Need To Be Using It!

Video SEO And Why You Need To Be Using It!

For a long time now SEO has been associated with written content such as blogs and articles almost exclusively. In fact, this has been the norm since SEO became one of the most powerful tools to market online websites and businesses. However, the trends defining online content are slowly changing and a new form of SEO is slowly taking root in the industry. That new form of SEO is video SEO. Do you need video SEO? Find out more below.

What is video SEO?

Video SEO simply refers to the same science of search engine optimization. Only this time, the optimization is made for video content and not written content. It might be hard to grasp this new concept at first because we are so used to SEO being designed for words. However, videos, too, do appear on search engines and therefore they too can be optimized for high visibility on Google and other search engines.

A brief history on video SEO

SEO became highly popularized about 10 years ago even though it was still practiced years before then. For all that time, written content formed the bulk of all content found on search engines.

However, for the last five years or so, a lot of focus has been going into video content as well. This has largely been due to the popularity of online video sharing sites, vlogs, vines, as well as fast advancement in video cameras such as GoPro and also those found on mobile phones. As a result, there is a lot of video content being made and published. At the same time, the consumption of video content has risen sharply partly due to the fact that video content can be more fun, more interactive, and easier to learn from.

How video SEO works

Video SEO works slightly differently from the type of SEO applied to websites and blogs. However, there are some similarities here and there. Some of the main tenets of video SEO include high quality video, high quality audio, high quality video editing (including interactive animation), creating video descriptions, researching keywords for various video niches, competitor analysis, application of selected keywords within the video content as well as the video descriptions, and more.

Why you need Video SEO!

Videos are increasingly becoming the preferred mode of content, especially among the millennials (and subsequent) generations. You could say that video content is slowly getting more fashionable. It’s therefore a potential content marketing goldmine. And businesses that tap into this resource early on just might enjoy a marginal edge over their competitors.

Once video SEO skills are applied, your videos will enjoy better organic ranking on SERPs (search engine result pages). Your videos will get more likes, more shares, more subscriptions and your videos will impact people more. Your video content is also more likely to get viewed repeatedly by the same people. The benefits are quite plentiful.

We can help

It’s a no-brainer. You need video SEO! And if you’re looking for SEO company in San Diego companies that can help you with that then just found what you’re looking for. Team Soda has some great ideas for your video SEO needs. Get in touch and we’ll share them with you.


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