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What are the best SEO practices?

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What are the best SEO practices?

  • SEO site audit

This will allow you to understand what SEO input your site needs and to what degree.

  • Keyword research

Done using Google analytics and site audit tools to let you know what keywords your target customers are using on search engines.

  • Competitor analysis

Learn what your competitors are doing so you can out-do them.

  • Web development

Improve your design, layout, images, contact info, site responsiveness, and loading speed.

  • Link building

Internal and external links, and back linking.

  • Site indexing

Internal link building will enable SEs to index all your content.

  • Content development

Get unique and catchy content for your business/site.

  • Map optimization (GMP)

Allows users on SERPs to locate your business easier.

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