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What Next After Signing Up For SEO?

What Next After Signing Up For SEO?

By now it goes without saying that search engine optimization (SEO) is a critical tool for any business looking to have any tangible success in today’s ecommerce-centric business environment. It doesn’t matter if you operate an online store, run a million-dollar company or own a restaurant downtown. By now a lot of people also have an idea what SEO is all about and what it can do. However, do you know what you should do after signing up for SEO? Do you continue doing the same thing or are there changes you’re supposed to make? Read on to find out.


 Signing Up For SEO


Expect some changes

One, expect that the SEO process is going to kick up some changes in various facets of your business. The exact reach of these changes will depend on the particulars you and your SEO company have agreed upon. You may have your website redesigned or your domain changed completely. You may get a new logo or even have to change the business name. Your social media handles will be revamped and new handles in new platforms that you were not using before may be created. These are some of the changes that will be affected on the front end of the business. Behind the scenes, more technical changes will be effected by your SEO team. Understand that these changes are coming and be ready for them.


Refocus your business in line with the new changes

Your SEO campaign will seek to rebrand your business and grow it. However, you must also do your part otherwise all the changes made by the SEO team will be just talk without action, and the action needs to come from you. For example, if the SEO process will seek to target new markets (age groups, cities, etc.) then you and your team will need to adapt accordingly and tweak the inner workings of your business. You will need to train your team and let them understand the new mission and vision of your rebranded business.


Continue building your brand

Without a strong brand to stand on, even the best SEO tricks will not work. When SEO funnels customers to your business, those customers need to find your brand healthy and flourishing. Otherwise they will just make an about-turn and go look for a better company to buy products and services from. So even as the SEO gurus work their magic, continue building your brand and don’t expect the SEO to do all the work. Train your team, streamline operations, hire the best talent possible, get adequate insurance and bond, rebrand your offices, etc.


Increase your delivery capacity

Last but not in any way the least, anticipate that the SEO process will bring more potential customers your way. That means there will be more people calling your phone lines, more people engaging you on social media, more people walking through your doors, more people viewing your website and sending emails, more orders, and more everything. Do not wait until the flurry begins and catches you off guard. Increase your business capacity beforehand. Have enough inventory for orders, enough space for customers, and enough of everything else for when the action begins.

If you are looking for SEO San Diego services, we would be happy to help. Call us today to set up an appointment and we’ll guide you on how to proceed.

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