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Why A Landing Page Is Vital For Your Site’s Success

Why A Landing Page Is Vital For Your Site’s Success

Every website today needs to have a professional landing page. A landing page is the default page where visitors are directed once they click on a link or a search page result. It is an intentional page created with SEO in mind. And it can be a very productive addition to your website if created and applied in the right ways. If you do not have a landing page on your site yet then here is why you need one immediately.

Unlike other pages a landing page is a marketing tool

On any given website, most of the pages are designed with the purpose of informing visitors. They inform about when the business was started, who runs the business, what the business sells, etc. In contrast, the landing is purely a marketing tool. It has been designed with the sole purpose of endearing the visitors to your business and turning them into customers. The language on a landing page is therefore different. It’s more like a pitch to a customer; it’s salesy and its intention clear.

It consolidates all the information readers want

When website visitors come to your website, you only have a short amount of time to turn them into customers before they get bored and go check out other websites. Competition is quite stiff online. And if you are to make any sales then you have to save the visitor time and go straight to the point. A landing page does this by consolidating all the pertinent information a visitor wants into one page. In a very brief form the landing page makes available all the information a visitor is looking for. This is designed to keep the visitor on your page and to give them as much information as possible with the hope of winning them over.

It urges the reader to buy/subscribe

Unlike many other web pages, a landing page directly asks the visitor to buy or subscribe to what the site is offering. This is often done via a call-to-action line, usually found at the end of the page. Such a direct approach to converting readers helps to drum up sales and sell products and services in a more effective way compared to what other web pages ever could. And it is for that reason that a landing page is an important resource for any business owner.

It collects valuable information from prospective customers

Last but not least, you should have a landing page because it provides an avenue for you to collect useful data about who your prospective customers are. Most landing pages have a form where users fill in their names and contact information. This information can be used to create a mailing list that can help you reach out to the people who once visited your site and make sales over time.

Team Soda is your reliable SEO San Diego partner. We can help you design a killer landing page that will help you convert new visitors on your site into new customers and subscribers. Reach out to us today.


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