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Author: Sean

Online marketing is all the rage as far as businesses growing and expanding in today’s eCommerce environment is concerned. Did you know that the most effective and most popular strategies used today to achieve that are SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMM (Social Media Marketing)? SEO gets your websites to rank better on search engine results, while SMM gets your business seen and heard across social media platforms. Below, see how these two strategies can help...

SEO is an important tool for any website, business or organization. However, do you know that one of its major benefits is increased web traffic? Everyone who owns a business or an online store wants as many people as possible to visit their website on a daily basis. And that’s because with increased web traffic comes increased sales, better brand reputation, and more Ad revenue. However, do you know just how SEO makes increased web traffic...

If you look around the World Wide Web for resources/services such as website design, internet marketing, web traffic, online sales, online stores or social media marketing, you are bound to come across the term SEO. And if you operate a business (online or not) you absolutely need SEO services. But what is SEO? What does it do? Is it something that you need or are probably already doing but you’re not aware? Find the answers to...

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