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National seo services

If your business targets customers from other locations apart from your local town, city, county or state, then National SEO is a must-have. If not, you’ll be losing out on a whole lot of revenue. And not only will you be losing sales, you’ll also be losing the brand recognition that comes with that level of exposure. You’ll basically be a national company in legal terms but a local business in the eCommerce world.

At Team Soda we offer a comprehensive National SEO program that is aimed at edging out other players in the industry and carving out a market territory for your business. It’s an ambitious process but one with superb results in the end.

Our National SEO Package Includes:

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SEO audits

First we’ll run diagnostic tools through your site to find out two main things. One, the mistakes that are holding you back, and two, how your site ranks nationally. We’ll then weed out the errors on your site and probably redo the site afresh in order to make it more appealing and easier to navigate. We’ll also study your national ranking data and use that information to create a plan of action.

Competitor analysis

Competition is stiff in the national arena. So we’ll research who your competitors are and what they’re doing. This is crucial for us to beat them in SEO. We manage to do this by using our analytic software tools. Once we have mapped out the competition, we are able to understand exactly what we need to do in regards to links and other site authority features so as to get your site ranking

Building site authority

The most prominent sites nationally are those whose reputation and authority in the online community is very high. Through a gradual process, we’ll scale up your site authority by building tons of quality backlinks and as well as social media engagements. This allows Google tools to naturally upgrade your site’s relevance under the various search categories that apply to you. This process may take months – but we’ll get you there.

Contact information optimization

The first thing users do after obtaining results from a search is to check the contact information of the leads they have obtained. They then use this information to decide which lead is most relevant to them and proceed to call, email or visit. We will update and optimize your contact information to ensure that potential customers can easily contact you, visit you or visit your site to make an order/subscription.

Building site authority

One of the most focal undertakings in SEO is building site authority. Site authority building occurs any time optimization is being carried out. At Team Soda, we put in the work needed to drive your site authority up. This includes having a well-structured site, adding informative and helpful content to the site, adding high quality backlinks, and incorporating local keywords into the site.

Ad campaigns

Marketing is equally important when it comes to National SEO. It helps to give your website more recognition and also funnel more sales back to you. We can create Ad campaigns that will feature on Google pages, Google search results, and social media platforms. And through smart practices such as retargeting, we can make your Ads more relevant and more successful in terms of your ROI.

Social media

Social engagement is very important in SEO. It helps to improve your brand reputation – a key element in any National SEO practice. We create and manage engaging social media accounts that will lure hundred and thousands of followers. These followers add to your market reach nationally and win you new customers every week.

Content marketing

The more content you have on your website and the more relevant it is, the higher your site will be ranked by Google Algorithms. This helps to add to your site’s SEO authority. Good content also keeps your website visitors more interested when on the site and eventually converts to sales.

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