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SEO Audits

When you task us with Search Engine Optimization of your business, the first thing we do is to carry out an SEO audit. This audit allows us to understand where your website lies in the SEO meter. That is, it tells us how and why your site is lacking under different SEO parameters. It is through this information that Team Soda will understand the challenges facing your site and how to turn it all around.

Our SEO audit is comprehensive and covers all the major areas needed to undertake a successful SEO process.

Our SEO Audit Package Includes:

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Website diagnosis

First, we’ll run our diagnostic tools through your website. These tools will allow us to scan all the pages and files that make up your website. This will enable us to see if there are any errors in naming of the files or describing the Meta-data and headings. We’ll also be able to spot any bugs and coding blunders, if any. A website diagnosis also checks how fast yous site is able to load, as well as how responsive it is to various devices such as phones and tablets.

Keywords analysis

Keyword analysis is a critical process that allows us to understand your niche better. Here we search to see the various keywords being used by users when they are looking for products, services, and businesses in your industry. We then check these against the tags and content in your site to see if your site is keyword-enabled. We’ll then use this information later to create better content and to optimize your search rankings.

Market analysis

We also like to analyze the market or industry that our customers are in. After all, all businesses are different. A market analysis allows us to see how many people are searching for products in your industry, how much search related-web traffic there is, CPC (cost per click), which locations nationally are most popular for your products and services etc. We then use this information to target the most lucrative markets in order to maximize your sales and to offer a quicker turnaround on results.

Competition analysis

Every industry today has many players, all with websites online. And a huge portion of all those players are also using SEO to some extent. And in SEO, the goal requires that we rank your site better than the competition. Studying the competition, therefore, is a key part of the process. Through competition analysis, we get to see how your competitors are performing. We then use that information to structure a plan on how to help you beat them.

Google analytics

Last but not least, we also use something called Google analytics. This is where we use Google tools to analyze how much web traffic your site is getting, where that traffic is coming from, how many sales you’re making, how paid advertizing and social media is shaping your web traffic, etc. This information enables us to identify the weak areas of your site and to improve them accordingly.

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