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What a time to be alive! In this age of social media, the gap between business and social life is closing by the years. While a company’s website remains an ideal platform for conducting businesses, social media platforms act as the real virtual market. Many online businesses that rely on SEO to increase their online visibility and market share are now appreciating social media integration into their websites. With some platforms boasting billions of active users...

SEO (to some) it is just a three letter acronym that has little or no meaning at all. However, if you are in business, or should you be planning on venturing into one, SEO is the Holy Grail to grooming it to be the big brand you desire. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process used to increase your business’s visibility to the millions of clients searching for your kind of business or services online, and...

Conversion rates point to the number of visitors to your site that perform and finish a desired goal, out of a total number of visitors. Conversion rates are usually expressed in a percentage. A high conversion rate indicates that your marketing campaign was successful and your digital design is also successful. This means that you are reaching your targeted audience, offering them what they want and that they are able to access it easily. There are three...

If you have put your business on an online platform, the truth is that you must adopt SEO strategies. With intense competition from other enterprises, increased online visibility helps keep you ahead. With more prospects connecting with your firm, you stand a good chance of raising revenue. Which business owner does not like generating more sales every day? Having said that, what do you understand by SEO? It is a technique used by website owners whose result...

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